Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Operating System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Operating System

Linux is an open-source operating system released in 1991. Unlike its closest competitor Windows which was designed by Microsoft, the source codes of Linux are open-source. Therefore, many developers used Linux’s source code to develop the Linux Distribution which contains all the software packages of an operating system.

Since then, numerous companies have shown interest in Linux and created their own Linux Distributions. Companies like Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu are the initial developers of Linux Distribution. Later, of course, Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server launched the commercial Linux Distributions.

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Now, the question is how much can we be benefited from Linux? and what are its limitations? Simply say What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Operating System? To answer that we should know the fundamental difference of Linux with other operating system is the source-codes are open source.

Therefore, in layman’s term, Linux is free to use. So, any knowledgeable developer can manipulate the codes as many did before to create Linux Distributions.

Linux vs Windows Operating System

Windows Operating System is the most popular operating system and it is developed by Microsoft and most importantly it is paid. While Linux is an open-source and community based operating system. It is maintained by Linux Contributors from all around the world. Due to its open source and community base nature, anyone can contribute to Linux source code.

Everyone knows that Windows is the most popular operating system. Some of us buy windows operating system, some of us go with the pirated version of it. If you go to buy the original Windows Operating System then it will cost you around $150.

Most of the people go with the pirated version of Windows Operating System to save their money. This pirated version comes with more vulnerability. There is a possibility of getting attack by viruses, malware and ransomware.

If you want a free Operating System then go with Linux Operating System. It is free and more secure than a Windows Operating System. This is the best thing I love about Linux. You don’t need to compromise your privacy.

Most popular Linux distribution is Linux Ubuntu. You can try Linux on Virtual box.

Now let us discuss in the detail What’s are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux.

Advantages of Linux Operating System

Linux is a trend-setter for the open source operating system. In fact, it is one of the first operating systems whose source codes are free to manipulate. Now, for the Windows operating system, Microsoft was very determined not to disclose their source code and endanger its commercial value.

Meanwhile, the developers have studied Linux and created the Distribution Systems. So, this would not be possible if the source codes were free to use and open to everybody.

As the source-codes are free to download, many distribution companies like Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mint have utilized it and designed customized distribution systems. So, these are different versions of Operating Systems which has variable features of its own. Thus, the user gets an extensive range of features which they never get in Windows.

Security is the other main advantage. Several contributors contributed to the overall security of Linux, and by making the source available to anyone, security experts can help identify any main security flaws in the operating system. The security we get on Linux Operating System is better than Windows.

Bottom line, a Linux user enjoy more features and customization options than any other operating system.

Here are some highlighted Advantages of Linux Operating System:

Disadvantages of Linux Operating System

We have discussed the advantages of the Linux Operating System and now we know the advantages. Beside advantages, Linux also comes with some disadvantages. Here we are going to take a look at the Disadvantages of Linux Operating System.

The main issue with Linux is that there is no standard edition, whereas Microsoft offers several different editions of each version of Windows. In Linux, you get Variety Of Distributions. For a new user, it can be confusing.

Linux’s open-source codes have problems with compatibility. Let say Windows; they recommend software and programs compatible with their operating system. In the case of Linux, the users have to adopt the “trial and error” method to determine the compatibility of any program or software.

Another issue with Linux is with the drivers. Windows comes with compatible driver software which makes any new hardware compatible with that particular device. In the case of Linux, the users have to search for the compatible drivers to make it compatible.

If you are planning to play games on Linux, then there is a big “No”. Linux is not good with gaming.

Windows is a product of one of the best IT companies in the world – Microsoft. Therefore, Windows users get support and assistance from the support team that Microsoft has deployed. In the case of Linux, the user won’t get any support because there is no support team available.

Note:- You’ll not the support if you are using pirated version of Windows.

Apparently, their only hope is the Distribution company. However, compared to Microsoft, it is inadequate. Thus, the users must rely on their in-depth knowledge of the Linux Distribution package they are using.

Here are some highlighted Disadvantages of Linux Operating System:


So, what we figured out is Linux is free to use Operating System backed by its distribution package. It comes with a variety of options and features which is evenly secured to use. However, if the user is not knowledgeable enough, there can be issues like software and driver incompatibility which they may face. And Linux is not for gaming.

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