Basic Things to Know About IP Address

Do you ever wonder how does computer show you exact result of your searching? The reason behind this is that every machine on a network carries a unique identifier. Like we use an address to send a letter, a computer uses a unique identifier and sends data to the exact computer.

Every device that is connected to a network comes with a unique identifier. This identifier helps other devices to reach it. To communicate on the network, almost all computers on the internet follow TCP/IP protocol. However, in the world of TCP/IP protocol, IP address is a unique identifier for a computer.

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Basic Things to Know About IP Address

The IP part of the “IP address” section stands for internet protocol. The Internet protocol address or the IP address is simply a unique numerical label. It is liked with every device that is connected to a network.

Whenever you request something, you sent out an electronic source address. This electronic source address is the IP address. Without IP address it is quite tough to find out the things you want.

However, there are mainly two types of IP address- IP Version 4 (IPv4) and IP Version 6 (IPv6). Most of the computers use the IPv4 address. But some have started to use the IPv6 address too. In this section, we will discuss some basic things to know about the IP address. So, here we go:

1. Makes Connection

When you search for anything online or chat with someone, or go to the email you sent a request. This request should reach the right destination. Moreover, the data should come right back to you. In this case, the IP address plays an important role.

Your computer first connects to a network that is connected to the internet itself and then gives you access to the internet. Since there are many computers on the internet, the IP address helps to identify your computer and sent you the exact information you want.

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2. Attaches Electronic Return Address

To connect to the internet, your computer’s networking software need to follow some built-in networking standards. One of these networking protocols is the Internet Protocol.

The internet protocol helps in addressing, delivering and routing your online requests. It tags an Electronic return address to all the queries and requests that you have made online. This address is the Ip address for your computer.

3. Changeable

When you are surfing online at home, your Internet service provider usually assigns an IP address for your computer. But not necessarily, it will be the same all the time.

When you travel or at a coffee shop or on a vacation, you can carry your laptop but not your home IP address. It happens, because you will use another network to connect to the internet. When you are at a coffee shop, you connect to their wifi. So, the IP address changes.

Hope you have liked the article and found it useful. You can also see your IP address. So, next time if you are using your laptop at a library, or coffee shop or the corner store, you can check out the IP address you are using.