5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Windows 11

Use these tools to set dynamic and live wallpapers on your PC.

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Live Wallpaper Apps for Windows

If you are missing live wallpaper features on the Windows 11 operating system, then you are at the right place. Here, we have listed the best live wallpaper apps for Windows 11. With these apps, you can set live wallpapers or slideshows with moving objects on Windows 11.

No doubt that the Windows operating system is undergoing an evolving process, but it still provides several exciting features to customize the system. However, several features, such as adding widgets to the desktop, setting live wallpaper, and more, have been removed. But you can use third-party tools to get these features. Here are some applications that will help you to get the live wallpaper feature.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Windows 11

There are a lot of applications that are prepared to make the entire process automated. In this era of the latest technology, you even don’t need to take the headache of choosing and employing the newest wallpapers regularly.

Everything becomes more flexible with particular parameters set in advance. Here is the list of 5 best live wallpaper apps for Windows:

1. Lively Wallpaper

On Windows 11, Lively Wallpaper is a free and open-source application that allows you to set GIFs, Videos, and YouTube videos as your desktop wallpaper. Lively Wallpaper offers you a variety of live wallpapers to pick from. You can get more live wallpaper from the Lively Wallpaper Reddit channel if you need it.

Lively allows you to put a custom video, YouTube video, or GIF as background. You can also change the quality of the live wallpaper, as well as the speed, color, density, and velocity defusion. We also have a guide on how you can use Lively Wallpaper on Windows 11.


  1. Huge customization option
  2. Easy-to-use user interface 
  3. Allows you to set GIFs and YouTube videos in the background of the system.

Download Lively Wallpaper

2. Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine is feature-rich, as well as the most powerful wallpaper app, comes at a price. If you are willing to pay $3.99, then it is the best live wallpaper app for Windows 11. There are a lot of exciting options in the app to select from including various videos and graphics.

Besides, it also lets you pin a specific site or an app as your dynamic wallpaper. It allows you to personalize the moving wallpapers. Additionally, it also features some interactive wallpapers that respond to the way you want by clicking your mouse.


  1. Supports various types of aspect ratios
  2. Allows you to design your individual wallpaper
  3. Supports powerful program 
  4. Multi-monitor support 

Download Wallpaper Engine

3. DesktopHut

If you want to download an app that has a broad collection of live wallpapers, then DesktopHut can be the best option for you.

DesktopHut provides Windows software that allows you to set dynamic wallpapers right on your desktop screen. From a broad variety of animated wallpapers to Anime live wallpapers on the system, you can do everything on this app. 


  1. It doesn’t take too many resources
  2. A broad assortment of dynamic wallpapers
  3. Simple user interface 

Download DesktopHut

4. WinDynamicDesktop

WinDynamicDesktop is one of the most famous dynamic wallpaper apps for Windows 11 that works well without draining system resources. The best part of the app is it brings the dynamic wallpapers of macOS to Windows 11.

You can download this app and use the dynamic wallpapers with ease within a few minutes. Besides, there are no requirements to tweak or configure anything. It is a simple wallpaper for Windows 11 if you want a macOS wallpaper.


  1. macOS dynamic wallpapers
  2. You can change the wallpapers based on the location
  3. Easy-to-use user interface 

Download WinDynamicDesktop

5. DeskScapes

Another best-paid wallpaper app for Windows 11 is DeskScapes, it will cost you $3.99. It lets you customize and animate dynamic wallpapers on the desktop screen of your Windows 10 computer. DeskScapes includes a lot of animated wallpapers and allows you to utilize your own WMV files to personalize the Home screen.

It provides more than 60 distinct effects. These effects are beneficial in customizing dynamic wallpapers. You can also include various color effects as per your requirements that work as filters on Instagram.


  1. Allows you to create wallpaper by using your own WMV files
  2. Special color effects
  3. A broad collection of dynamic wallpapers
  4. Automatic interface 

Download DeskScapes


That’s it. These are some of the best live wallpaper apps for Windows 11 that you can use. As you can see, there aren’t many free apps that allow you to create and use a live wallpaper.

However, Lively Wallpaper offers nearly all of the features for free, and I believe it is a good fit for most users. We already have a detailed guide on; how you can use Lively Wallpaper on Windows 11. Anyway, that is all from us.

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