10 Best Steam Alternatives Every PC Gamer Should Know

Here are some sources to get original games.

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Steam Alternatives

PC gaming is fun! However, to some people, it is a passion beyond any other. To download the games, Steam is the best platform. It is an online game distribution platform where you can download and play a game digitally. However, it is a subscription-based service, and you have to buy every game you want to play.

If you don’t want to buy games and still want to enjoy gaming, you can look for Steam alternatives. There are many Steam alternatives, here you have listed the 10 best Steam alternatives that every new gamer should try.

Best Steam Alternatives

Here is the list of best Steam alternatives every PC gamer should know. Some of the Steam alternatives are way better than Steam. We will suggest you give them a try.

1. Windows Store

Windows Store is the first on your list of Stream alternatives. The Windows operating system comes with a built-in game store, which is pretty decent.

It has a game collection packed with Microsoft exclusives that you can purchase online. Yes! there are also free games available to download and play on Windows PC. At the same time, the game library has tons of other games from different publishers and genres.

There is the Microsoft Game Pass that will allow the games to play tons of exclusives on the Windows PC. You can also plug-in your Xbox in the platform as well and sync games at the same time. However, all the games from the direct rival publishers are not available, which is annoying a bit. Still, it is worth the price you pay.

2. Origin

Origin is the one-stop shop for all EA titles. If you are a fan of EA games, Origin is the best way to download and play games. Visitors can expect discounts on their favorite franchises, including The SIMS, FIFA, and NFS. Team gaming is a highlight with live chat and audio for an experience that mimics consoles. Want to broadcast on Twitch? Origin makes it easy. 

Here you can pay for a single game or you can go with the subscription plan. If you go with the subscription then you can download and play all the EA titles. It is called EA Play Pro, with this, you get access to exclusive in-game rewards, member-only content, trials of select new games, and a library of top titles!

One of the reasons that should make the gamer interested in paying for the service is that they offer no-obligation refunds. You can get it if you are not happy with what you are getting. However, the games that the platform provides are purely spectacular. Plus, the subscription costs only $5 a month.

3. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is the first on your list of Stream alternatives. It is a multi-platform catalog of 9,000+ games from more than 1,350 publishers, selling games in 195 countries. 

It is a web-based store that provides discounted digital keys for every game. Here you will find almost all the games from popular publishers. 

Green Man Gaming is one of the better-known sites for Steam keys. But what you might not know is that you can also get keys for services like Origin and Uplay. Here you can buy games at a discounted price.

4. GamersGate

If you want to download DRM-free titles then GamersGate is the best option. Here you will find game keys at a discounted price, and you can also download DRM-free titles directly from the platform. The company has brought together titles from the largest publishers to introduce a one-stop destination for games.

When you buy games from the GamersGate platform, they provide you with a blue coin. It is a reward point system, and you can earn these coins by buying games or doing regular activities on the platform. You can also redeem these points to buy more game keys from the platform.

5. Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is a new player in the digital video game store platform. It was launched in December 2018 by Epic Games. It is the same company that developed the popular game Fortnite.

On the platform, you will find some exclusive and unreleased games such as Ashen, World War Z, Fortnite, and more.

Now, as it is very new to gaming streaming services, you can’t expect it to be flawless. There are some issues with the UI and navigation, hope they will fix them soon. You can also add your friends to this platform and chat with them while playing games online.

6. GOG

Good Old Games, popularly known as GOG is the next online gaming platform on our list. Created by the developers of the famous game series, “Witchers,” GOG’s name USP is to let the gamer play old games to bring back nostalgia. Thus, it has a catalog of vintage games that are hard to find.

GOG is a 100% DRM-free platform that also offers classic indie games as well as new ones. Some consider this platform unappealing. Still, a specific set of gamers will always come back to play old games on this incredible platform. And, one of the main reasons it will be active is the fact it is very reasonably priced.

7. Direct2Drive

Direct2Drive is the next online digital platform where you can download games. For those who don’t know, Direct2Drive was previously one of the veteran online stores – IGN. Now, however, it is operating independently.

They said, the fundamental concept is what it was before – the gamer pays for a game, then they can download the game to their PC and play the game.

Now, they also provide modern direct gameplay features, along with DRM activation. You can also take advantage of the discounts and promos they offer while buying games.

8. Humble Store

Humble Store is famous for the DRM-free game bundles that they offer. So, the gamer can pay for what they want in the process. The game library has tons of indie and small-publisher games. Still, there are some noteworthy inclusions such as Square-Enix and 2K.

On a side note, they donate 5% of the revenue they earn to a children’s video game charity called Child’s Play. You will also get their periodic game bundles at just a $12 subscription plan. It also provides Steam game keys at a discounted price. You can also download the game and play it offline later as well.

9. Itch.io

Itch.io is a dedicated indie games platform, where the gamer can download and play most of the games. The games are mostly free to download and play. However, in some cases, the game developer can add a price too. 

In any case, any indie game publisher in the world usually works with Itch.io and makes their games available on this platform.

It is okay to say that no conventional game publisher takes part in the platform, but at the same time, it has its own gamer base. Yes, the library is limited, but people who love indie games will most likely subscribe to Itch.io. You can also enjoy discounts if you purchase games in bundles.

10. Uplay

The final game distribution platform on our list is Uplay. If you compare Origin with Uplay, there is not much of a difference. Only Uplay allows you to play the games developed by Ubisoft and releases games on Steam and other platforms at the same time. It is basically a game storefront combined with a DRM platform.

The platform has a significant criticism with its login process while they try to activate the platform. But most importantly, the games are breath-taking. 

You can earn rewards while buying any games, just like all major platforms, and you can redeem those rewards, which they call Units, and trade them with digital goods.


So, these are the top 10 best Steam alternatives every PC gamer should know when compared with Steam. Now, you must understand that Steam is currently the best in this business. Tons of gamers love the services that they are offering.

Most importantly, they work with the most beloved game publishers in the world right now. So, this list is to give you options if you don’t want to subscribe to Steam for whatever reasons.

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