How to Install and Use Steam on Ubuntu 24.04

Steam has made gaming on Linux much easier and more accessible. You can now use Steam to download and play games on the Ubuntu operating…

By Ajoy Kumar 5 Min Read

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How to Update Ubuntu Linux Operating System

If you are a new user and have been using Ubuntu for a few days or weeks, you might wonder…

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How to Switch Between Wayland and Xorg in Ubuntu

If you're experiencing a dark preview or encountering non-functional features while recording the screen in Ubuntu, it is likely because…

By Surajit Saha

How to Install Shotcut Video Editor on Ubuntu 24.04

Shotcut is one of the most popular video editing software for Ubuntu. Using Shotcut video editor, you can edit 4K…

By Surajit Saha

How to Switch Between Java Version on Ubuntu Linux

If you're using Ubuntu Linux for daily work, you've probably installed Java on your machine. Currently, I am using Java…

By Surajit Saha

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

The Google Chrome browser is one of the most commonly used and popular browsers. It is a modern web browser…

By Surajit Saha

How to Enable Dark Mode on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

One of the most popular new features in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is the system-wide dark mode. This means that you…

By Surajit Saha

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