Difference Between Angular and AngularJS

Are you looking for the difference between Angular and AngularJS? Here you are in a perfect place. We are here to clear every doubt about this topic. Both of these technologies find implementation in web application development. The only difference lies in their version. AngularJS is an older version, and Angular is the latest version.

However, there are more differences which you will realize soon, while you will go deeper into these technologies. So, this article will provide detailed information on Angular and AngularJS and their differences.

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Overview of Angular and AngularJS

Angular and AngularJS both are open-source, structured, web-application frameworks based on JavaScript. But the only difference is of their version. AngularJS is the older version of Angular. We can also call it as Angular1.

On the other hand, Angular, the new version of the technology. It is a structured framework that finds its use in developing dynamic web applications. We all know that, in order to build web apps, we use HTML and JavaScript. But the features of HTML are not enough for that.

So, to extend the features of HTML, we use Angular. It has the latest versions such as Angular2 and Angular4.

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Angular is the Most Used Technology

A survey was conducted to know the statistics of the usage of web development platforms. Its results upheld the fact that Angular is the second most used technology after Node.js. Angular is a web development technology built-in Typescript.

Angular has robust development tools to make it easier for developers to build dynamic web applications. It uses HTML as a basic and primary language and lets a developer use the extended syntax of HTML so that the apps we build would be dynamic.

Google relaunched Angular in 2016. This new version was completely a different web development platform from its older version, which was launched in 2010. After the relaunch of AngularJS as Angular2, in 2018 Angular4 was launched.

The new version is a Command-Line-Interface (CLI), is completely working on a component-based architecture. Angular is a technology that has an eco-system for third-party tools and objects.

The most exciting feature of Angular is that it is supported by Google. This feature of the technology makes it more useful for the developers.

AngularJS also had Exciting Features

AngularJS, the oldest and first version of Angular, launched by Google also had a lot of features that made web development a lot easier. However, nowadays, AngularJS is not is use a lot, rather than the newest version Angular is most used.

AngularJS launched in 2010 was based on MVC, which is also known as Model View Control architecture. However, the use of HTML, which is very simple and easy-to-understand language, makes AngularJS also a very simple interface to develop web-based applications.

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AngularJS uses the POJO, which stands for Plain Old JavaScript Object Model. POJO is very easy-to-use component, but it is very highly effective to make your web application more useful.

If we talk about some exciting features of AngularJS, then the answer to it is that AngularJS is not going to confuse you with the use of DOM. Yes, you don’t have to use DOM, because here you will get an option of directives. You can use directives rather than the use of DOM.

Filters are also an exciting feature of AngularJS. These help in filtering the data before it goes to the front end. We can easily filter all the data with the use of filters. It will make data filtered before the user views it in the Front-End.

Developers are Switching to Angular from AngularJS

If you still using AngularJS as your web application development platform, then you must switch to Angular, the newer version of AngularJS. Most of the developers are using Angular rather than AngularJS.

You may face some difficulties that will become an obstacle in your way to a newer version of Angular. But when you determine yourself to the goal of switching, you can easily switch to this new version.

I would also recommend you to switch to the new version. It is good-to-use, new and latest technology rather than the old one, which is incompatible with most of the newer systems.


In the end, we can simply state the difference between AngularJS and Angular is their version. AngularJS is an older version, whereas, Angular is a newer version of the web application framework.

Besides, the interface is different from the approaching model, and also the architecture is completely different in both technologies. So, it may be a little bit difficult for most of the old school developers to switch to new technology, but it is easier if we do it with determination.

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