What’s the Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web?

You often come across the concept of the dark web and deep web. But have you tried to figure out the difference in between these terminologies? Don’t worry here in this article you will get to know about the significance of it in the real world.

At the end of the article, you will also get to know about the difference between these two with a brief conclusion. We recommend you to read it till the end so that you get to know this concept very well and know what’s the difference between deep web and dark web.

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What is the Deep Web?

The internet is broadly classified into three categories that is surface web, deep web and dark web. Here in this section, we will discuss about the deep web in detail.

Most of the people thinking like deep web and dark web are somewhat similar to each other. To some extent it is correct, but it is not at all the same thing.

The Web Pages which are not indexed by any search engine are referred to deep web. To be more precise deep web are those pages where the user does not get any output from the search engine after the search. There is no way that the crawler could see your pages as it is in the invisible mode to the search engines.

For accessing deep web pages you must know the exact address link. Even the mainstream web is also a part of the deep web as they are not personalized for users. All the URLs are not counted to be indexed.

What is the Dark Web?

Initially, in this article, you got to know that dark and deep web has some relation. Yes, it is true and basically, it is deeper than the deep web. The dark web is a part of the later one technically. The dark web focuses on illegal activities and services.

As mentioned earlier the dark web is a place where all the illegal practices are carried out on the website. It offers a marketplace for drugs, rifles which are not registered. The dark web is also a place for software required for thorough browsing on the browser as well as listing directories.

Wiki leak documents, Hidden wiki portal, racist contents, promotion of violent content are all carried out in this group. The dark web is also a place where recipes on cooking human meat along with real video footage are shown.

By reading the above sections you can figure out what all illegal practices carried out in the dark web. This has led the authorities to take down this marketplace and arrest the owner. However, it is a matter of time to see how long this marketplace flourishes in selling illegal staff and practices that are unethical to society.

Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web

Most of the people are often confused when they come across both of these words as they are used interchangeably in the conversation. To let you know that deep web is nothing but the non-indexed pages, whereas the dark web is also known indexed pages but the involvement of illegal practices is done here.

So in simple, we can say that deep web is the type of web that the search engines have no access. The database, dynamic content, forum, sites of the deep web have never been spidered.

However, the utilization of proprietary protocols and the deployment of advanced software to get access to the web like the network is known as the dark web. Some of the examples of dark Web network server are tor freenet etc.

Is It Illegal to Access the Deep and Dark Web?

Answer to Is It Illegal to Access the Deep Web or the Dark Web in “No”. Browsing Dark and Deep Web is not illegal but also it’s not legal. Deep and Dark Web are simply parts of the internet, which are not indexed by any search engines like google.com, bing.com or duckduckgo.com.

Simple browsing through the deep and dark web is not illegal but there going some illegal actives like black marketing of weapons, drugs etc. Just don’t get involved in illegal activities or may cause some problems.

So, to be on the safe side I highly recommend not to visit the deep and dark web.


From the above facts, we can say that deep web is that comprises of non-index pages. This is because these pages cannot be identified by the search engines as the content in it have no significance to be indexed.

Whereas dark web tends to keep itself hidden as it is a place for practising illegal business. Comparing to What is the difference between deep web and dark web, the deep web can be used for both good as well as bad. But in the case of dark web one cannot expect to go with ethical practices.