Differences Between System Software and Application Software

System Software and Application Software

Now, the computer has become a part and parcel of our life. This electronic device can solve many computation operations at a great speed. But how it can do such things? It includes entities like hardware and software. Hardware is the physical component of a computer that we can touch whereas software is the programs and commands that drive the hardware.

In brief, Software is a set of programs that governs the computer system and processes hardware components. For instance, we generally use Microsoft office to edit a document. This Microsoft Office is software.

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Differences Between System Software and Application Software

Usually, the software is of two types- System software and Application software. In today’s article, we will discuss the differences between System software and Applications. Before that, we should know about such software. So, let’s start:

System Software: The system software is general-purpose software and acts as an interface between the application software and hardware. Usually, it is a set of programs that manages and controls the resources of the computer.

These programs are written in low-level languages. Since system software plays an important role in running hardware, it is often known as alpha software or the main software of a computer system.

Application Software: Application software executes a specific task. It runs on the platform that is provided by the system software. Usually, application software runs according to the user’s request.

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System Software vs. Application Software

1. The basic difference between system and application software is that the system cannot run without the former one. However, a system can run without application software. In short, the system software is the lifeline of a computer.

2. The system software is general-purpose software. So, it runs as long as your computer is on. On the other hand, application software is specific purpose software. It performs a specific task. Therefore, it starts when the user starts it and stops when the user stops it.

3. System software manages system resources like memory management, process management, protection, security, etc. Moreover, it also provides a platform to run the application software. On the other hand, application software works as per the user’s requirements.

4. The developer uses low-level languages to write system software whereas they use high-level languages to write application software. These high-level languages mainly include Java, C++, .net, VB, etc.

5. An example of system software is the Operating system whereas Photoshop, Microsoft office are examples of Application software.

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Hope you have liked the article and found it useful. However, both software plays an important role in making a system useful for the user.

The system software is mandatory for the system to run. Besides, without application software, the user cannot perform their specific work.

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