How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 11

Try out the latest Microsoft browser on the Windows operating system.

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Installing Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows

Microsoft Edge based on Chromium is finally available for download on all supported versions of Windows and macOS. The New Microsoft Edge browser is made possible by the Chromium open-source project and other open-source software.

Microsoft Edge is based on the same engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser, so the new Edge browser will work with websites and not deal with compatibility issues. As a result, the New Microsoft Edge can use the expansive collection of browser extensions available from the Chrome Web Store. Don’t confuse this new Microsoft Edge browser that depends on the Chromium project with the previous version. The original Edge was built on Microsoft’s browser engine.

How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 11

In this section, we are going to discuss How to Download and Install the New Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 11. When you install the new Microsoft Edge on your Windows operating system, the old Edge browser will not work.

Here are the steps:

1. Head to Microsoft’s Edge webpage and select your operating system from the download menu.


The browser is available for Windows 10, but if you have other versions of Windows like Windows 8.1, 8, and 7 then also you can download it. Even though Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7.

Download Microsoft Edge

2. Click on Download and click on Accept and Download on the next screen, to download the installer file.

Download Microsoft Edge

3. Open the installer file and then go through the installation screens to install Edge. Once installed, Edge will automatically start.

Installing Microsoft Edge

If you already have the Chrome browser installed, Edge will ask if you want to import your bookmarks, autofill data, and history from the Google Chrome browser, or start from scratch. If you decide to start from scratch, you can import your browser data later.

Install Edge Extensions From the Microsoft Store

Once you have installed the Edge browser, you can add extensions or add-ons to the Edge browser.

Here’s how you can add extensions to the Edge browser from Microsoft Store.

1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser and visit the Microsoft Edge Add-on page.

2. Find and select the extension you want to install on Microsoft Edge. You can either search for the extension on the search bar or browse by category to find the right extensions for you.

Microsoft Edge Add-ons

3. After you’ve found an extension, you want to add, select the extension and click Get to add the extension to your browser.

Search for the Extension

4. A window will pop up if the extension needs certain permissions or data. To approve, click Add extension. Once added, you can manage it on the Extensions page.

Add Extension on Edge

You can check out our guide on How to Manage Extensions on Microsoft Edge Browser.

Install Edge Extensions From the Google Chrome Web Store

As the new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium you can install extensions and add-ons from Google’s Chrome Web store.

Here are the steps: 

1. In the Edge browser, click on the three-dot menu up in the right-hand corner and click Extensions. Alternatively, you can enter this edge://extensions/ on your Edge browser address bar to open the extensions page.

2. Now on the bottom-left corner, toggle on the Allow extensions from other stores option and then click on the Allow button.

3. After that, you can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

3. For that, navigate to the Chrome Web Store and search for an extension.

Manage Extensions on Edge Browser 4

4. Once you find the one you want, click on Add to Chrome and then click on Add Extension and the store will add the extension to the Edge browser. Once added, you can manage the add-ons on Edge’s Extensions page.


That’s it. This is how you can download and install Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 11. I hope this article was helpful to you. However, if you have any more questions regarding the installation process, or maybe you have some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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