How to Record Your Webcam Using VLC Media Player

How to Record Webcam Using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players, almost every window’s user uses VLC Media Player to watch a video, DVDs, CDs. It can be any media format. But do you know besides playing media files we can do a lot of other things with the VLC Media player?

For example converting video files to another format, converting video files to audio files and recording computer screens, etc. Today here in this article we are going to discuss how we can record webcam using VLC Media Player on Windows 11.

How to Record Your Webcam Using VLC Media Player

Now to record your webcam with VLC Media Player, follow the following steps:

Step 1: First of all you need to have VLC Media Player installed on your computer.

Step 2: Now open VLC Media Player. Click on “Media” from the top menu and click “Open Capture Device” or you can use Ctrl + C.

Step 3: It will open a new window, under the Capture Mode select “DirectShow” from the drop-down menu and select your video and audio device name. Now click on the drop-down menu icon next to the “Play” option and select “Convert“.

Step 4: Now you have to select the video and audio profile from the drop-down menu. And select the destination file (where you want to save the file) for that click “Browse“, select the location, name your file, click “Save” and click “Start“.

Step 5: It will start recording your webcam, just minimize VLC Media Player and do what you want to record. After the recording is complete open VLC Media Player and click the “Pause Icon” to save the recording.

That’s it, this is how you can record Webcam using VLC Media Player on Windows 11. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you liked the article then you can share it with your friends.