How to Set Arc Browser as Default on Windows 11

Set Arc as the default browser on Windows.

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Set Arc as Default Browser on Windows 11

Arc Browser is a relatively new browser on the market and has built a loyal following in a very short time with its new features and refreshing design. It was previously only available on macOS, but now it is also available for Windows 11. 

If you have installed Arc Browser on your system and want to make it your default browser, then you are in the right place. Here’s a complete guide on how to set Arc as the default browser on Windows 11.

How to Set Arc Browser as Default on Windows 11

When you download and install Arc Browser on your Windows 11 device, you will be prompted to set Arc as your default browser during the installation process. If you missed this option, don’t worry.

You can easily change the default browser on Windows 11 from the settings. Here’s how:

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, you can follow the video mentioned below.

To set Arc as the default browser on the Windows operating system follow these steps:

1. Open the Arc Browser.

2. Click on the Arc icon at the top left corner of the browser. Here, you’ll find the Arc browser settings and options. If Arc is not set as the default browser, you’ll see an option to Set Arc as Default Browser. Click on it.

Arc Browser Settings

3. This will open the default apps settings. You can also access it by pressing Windows + I and then navigating to Apps from the menu on the left and select the Default Apps option.

Default Apps Settings

4. From the app list, select the Arc Browser option.

Arc Settings

5. Here, you will find an option to make Arc your default browser. Click on the Set Default button.

Make Arc your Default Apps

Now that you’ve switched your default browser on your Windows system to Arc Browser, you can start enjoying all its great features without any hassle. Whether it’s the clean design, improved performance, or special features, Arc Browser is all about giving you a better browsing experience.


That’s it; you have successfully set Arc as the default browser. Since Arc is a new browser in the market, it may lack some features that you are used to with other browsers. Currently, the list of features is quite limited, but over time, Arc is expected to improve and add more features.

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