Top 5 Android Desktop Managers to Manage Your Phone

Top 5 Android Desktop Managers to Use

Android has started its journey in 2008 and is used extensively by the world. Since our generation is going digital, every process is taking place through Android, and gradually, we are becoming more and more dependent on it. Thus, it creates the need for managing or organizing Android devices.

This is when Desktop Manager for Android has come into play which is a tool for connecting your phone to Windows or Mac. In other words, through Desktop Manager, you can operate your Android from a personal computer. Here the Top 5 Android Desktop Managers to Manage Your Phone.

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Top 5 Android Desktop Managers to Manage Your Phone

Check out the below section to know about the 5 Android Desktop Managers that you can use as a tool for connecting your phone to Windows or Mac.

1. Airdroid

Airdroid tops the list as it has a lot of features, to begin with. The setup is easy to handle and can be run on different computers. It is often better if the android device and the PC share the same connection, or else contact can be established through Wifi.

Here you can operate a web browser quite comfortably. Managing your apps, contacts, etc. has never been so easy. You can copy, paste items to your phone from your PC.

You can also send messages from your computer easily. Apart from this, let’s see some features, advantages, and drawbacks of AirDroid.

You can upload and download images from AirDroid. You can select and play ringtones, media or notification sounds. Apps can be installed and also exported from APKs. You can remotely track your phone if lost, lock and snap a picture of the intruder only in premium versions, and more.

Here are some drawbacks, It is not possible to play videos from the android device through AirDroid. AirDroid cannot work offline. There is no restore and backup option available.

2. Mobikin Assistant for Android

Mobikin Assistant For Android can be operated on personal computers, including Windows and MAC. It is a free complete desktop manager. Good management or organization is one of its primary qualities. This Android Desktop Manager not only functions on all android devices but also controls them effectively. 

Mobikin Assistant For Android helps transfer different file formats or files, for example, images, contacts, videos, etc from an android device to a PC through a USB cable or Wifi. Installing or uninstalling software is relatively easy with the help of this app.

You can also add or delete files like photos, apps, etc that are no longer necessary. It provides an excellent backup system for your media so that you never have to fear losing your precious photos or videos.

3. Moborobo

Moborobo is a free tool to access your Android device through a PC that can work holistically and perform your task efficiently. It has a lot of features, and you will be delighted to work with it.

You can manage all your files of multimedia which is a handy feature. From Google play, you can successfully install, run applications that you find helpful or necessary.

It is straightforward to move all of your files from one device to another. You can copy a file or an item of data made if the original is lost or damaged.

4. Mobogenie

Mobogenie is a tool that functions lucidly on a PC. You can manage your media files and change their settings in a hassle-free process. Even if you no longer have access to your phone, your backed-up data can help you recover your contact calendar. 

It can restore files from Android to PC and back from PC to Android with just a single click. You can download trending songs and videos by referring to the editor’s choice.

You can save all of your professional and personal files by the backup method. Any number of games and apps which are free of cost can be downloaded easily.

5. Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is sturdy software that can perform daily activities according to individual needs. Its functions involve exporting and importing content in various formats. 

It is an excellent app and has several tools which we require in our day-to-day lives. It helps us in managing records effortlessly. 

WondershareMobilego is a management app. It manages documents, media files, etc, with ease and convenience.

It comes with a premium version if you are in search of free apps. You can transfer contacts only up to a limit of 5 in the non-paid version.

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