Top 5 Platform for Online Education in 2021

Online Education is a concept that has been there for more than 15 years, and over the years, it has evolved into a million-dollar industry itself. Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of options that you do have while you want to learn anything online. So, that creates the problem of too many choices.

So, in this article, we will discuss the Top 5 Platform for Online Education. Which we believe is worth a shoutout. We rank them in an order depending upon the price at which the courses are available and the number of programs.

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Top 5 Platform for Online Education

Here in this section, we are going to discuss the Top 5 Platform for Online Education in 2021.

1. SkillShare

With over 20,000 online courses available for you to apply to, Skillshare is arguable the best online education institution in the world right now. The main USP they offer is they commit you to Thrive, Build, and Create to launch a perfect career. To explain a bit, you can thrive with Lifestyle and Productivity courses, build with various entrepreneur solutions, or create content like graphics, music, websites, and many more.

Skillshare offers project-based modules that you can see in a video of around 20 mins runtime. So, you can quickly learn them, and the best part is they are easy to understand. There is also class projects that you must pass to get the certificate stating you own a skill. Apart from that, you can join the Live Sessions and Workshops to sharpen your skill sets more.

From a price-point view, they charge moderately – either $15/month or $99/year for a premium membership. What is exciting is Skillshare provide 2-months of free trial that makes them stand out from the rest. Also, the overall reviews are fairly positive to give it a shot.

2. LinkedIn Learning

If we go back a few years, Lynda was one of the oldest online education institutes in the world. That, however, was acquired by LinkedIn. Now, we all know it by the name of LinkedIn Learning. Currently, there are 16,000+ courses available for you to learn. What is interesting is the diversity of programs LinkedIn is offering. You can study business management, web-based technologies, economics, and various other practical courses.

On a popularity level, LinkedIn is one of the most famous social mediums where you can build your career. Each module is carefully crafted to let you achieve success in the long run. You will also get Certificates once you complete a course. The best part is that speaks volume in the LinkedIn platform, and you are visible in the platform in front of hundreds, if not thousands of companies.

LinkedIn Learning charges $29,99 per month or $299,88 per year on average. They also offer a 1-month free trial to most of their courses. So, you can learn how their teaching module works. The platform has thousands of positive reviews that you can look for before joining.

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3. MasterClass

The next in our list is MasterClass. Not quite as expansive as the other two that we have just mentioned, but it has got an impressive number of students in recent times. Unlike the other popular online education platforms, MasterClass is very selective in its course offerings. As of now, they are providing a touch over 80 programs.

The platform offers nine primary categories of courses. You can learn acting from famous celebs like Natalie Portman, or learn how to cook with renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. There is a quality list of professionals that you can learn your desired skills while you opt for MasterClass. The tutorials are 10 mins on average and stream at hi-resolution.

When it comes to pricing, MasterClass set an average fee of $180 every year. One of the biggest flaws in comparison to other platforms is they don’t offer free trial classes. Now, it is essential if you are unsure of what you want. But then again, they have a lot of subscribers which suggests they are doing good. To conclude on MasterClass, if you wish to get trained by professionals, you are on the right platform.

4. Udemy

Udemy is the next platform on our list that practically offers more than 150,000+ courses online. It is, meanwhile, the biggest USP of Udemy that they offer such a wide range of courses that you can learn. So, if you can think of a course you wish to learn, the chances are huge that Udemy has a course module ready for you.

Now with Udemy, you can learn from 13 different kinds of skills, which include Office Productivity, Music, Personal Development, Teaching & Academics, Design, Lifestyle, and many more. What is more interesting is there are other languages available depending upon where you live; something you can choose while you select a course. The available courses are usually 5-6 hours long that you can quickly learn.

One of the major drawbacks, while you are considering Udemy, is the lack of a free trial. It is a big deal nowadays as most of the trainee wants a sip of what they will get. The price per course ranges between $9 to $200, which is fairly reasonable. In short, Udemy is a reliable platform that you should give a try.

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With over 2,500 courses in the offering, is the final participant in this list. Many industry experts believe this one to be the best for college students. The reason is on this list is that, as a student, you can enroll for the desired course for free. You can do that via the Audit Track, which grants the limited number of students to access any course for free.

However, you need to pay between $50 to $300 per course if you are not eligible for the Audit Track. There is one more problem. doesn’t offer a free trial before registering. The reputation of this institution is elite, by the way. So, it makes sense to join them.


Prior to this list, there are three other platforms for online education that are decent but just missed the list. They are,, and Meanwhile, you can trust the list that we have accumulated for you. These are platforms that suit the budget with genuine knowledge-sharing experiences. So, join one today!