How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad

Free up some space by uninstalling and offloading apps on iOS.

By Ujjwal Kumar 8 Min Read

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How to Play Video in VLC on iPhone and iPad

VLC Media Player is available on all major platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Now, it is also available on iPhones and iPads.…

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How to Install ChatGPT as an App on iPhone

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How to Set Up and Use Personal Hotspot on iPhone

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How to Download and Install iOS 17 Public Beta on iPhone and iPad

Apple announced iOS 17 with great new features on June 5 2023 at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference. The latest…

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How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad

As the number of apps we download to our iPhones and iPads increases, it's essential to know how to remove…

By Ujjwal Kumar

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